Primary Attributes

There are six Attributes. Between them, they give a pretty decent approximation of the character’s relative degree of Physical and Mental acumen. To give a decent approximation of what an Attribute rating means, consider the following chart (but note that this chart pertains to humans only; other races’ Attributes vary):

Level Description
0 Stat is absent; this person must be a quadriplegic (Physical), comatose (Mental), or similar
1 Incredibly feeble stat: This person must have a physical or mental dysfunction (deformity, etc.)
2 Exceptionally low stat: This person will definitely be the butt of jokes, and may be ostracized
3 Very low stat: This person may be the butt of jokes if other stats don’t compensate
4-6 2/3 of all non-specialist NPC stats fall in in this range. 2/3 of those are 5’s. PCs and specialist NPCs should have most or all stats at or above this level
7 Very high stat: Specialist PCs should consider this a minimum primary stat (ex: Str for fighters)
8 Tremendous stat: This person can perform feats that amaze most folks
9 Superlative stat: Very rare stat. This person is honored for the things they can do
10 Olympic level stat, only the best in the world have this strength

Physical Attributes


(Str) is a rating of how strong you are. It affects the amount of weight you can lift and carry, the weapons you can use, the effect the equipment you carry has on your fatigue, the damage you do when fighting, and much more. Each point of Str roll allows you to carry 10 kg (2 Wgt) without penalty.

  • Clean and Jerk: Each Ss allows you to lift 30kg
  • Snatch: Each Ss allows you to lift 25kg
  • Bench Press: Each Ss allows you to lift 40kg


(Con) is a rating of how healthy you are. Use Con rolls when trying to combat diseases, fight off poisons, and recover from physical damage.


(Dex) is a rating of how agile you are. Use Dex rolls to determine how quickly you move, how well you balance, and how fast you can react to certain events.

Mental Attributes

Will power

(Will) is a rating of how determined you are. Use Will rolls when trying to resist the effect of magic, to do Heroic feats, or do something that is generally against your nature.


(Mana) is a rating of how well you can concentrate. Use Mana rolls when trying to solve puzzles, stay alert for extended periods, or study written information.


(Quick) is a rating of how well you process information. Use Quick rolls to determine how fast you cast spells or do mental calculations, or when trying to notice things that aren’t easy to see.

Skill and Attribute Costs

To obtain Attributes, Abilities, Disabilities, and Skills, you must “pay” for them with CP, which are earned through time and game play. Attributes and Skills cost 1 CP/level. This cost is cumulative, meaning you must pay for level 1 before you can buy level 2, and so on. Therefore, to raise your Str from level 6 to level 7, you must pay 7 CP. When creating your character, however, you may wish to refer to the following chart to find the total number of CP it costs to obtain an Attribute or Skill at a particular level. The CP cost for Abilities and Disabilities is handled differently. See the Advantages and Disadvantages page for specifics.

You are creating a new character. You want your character to be very strong, so you decide to give her a Str of 7. To do so, you have to spend 1 CP for level 1, 2 more for level 2, and so on. In all, 7 levels of Str cost 28 CP.

Level Cost   Level Cost   Level Cost
1 1 6 21 11 66
2 3 7 28 12 78
3 6 8 36 13 91
4 10 9 45 14 105
5 15 10 55 15 120