(VAR). You carry an unreasonable fear of some things. When you are close to the object of your fears you become very frightened. You will have to make a will roll to keep from "freaking" out. the target number depends on the proximity of the phobia.

On you 6
Within 4 meters 5
4 to 9 meters 4
9 to 16 meters 3
16 to 25 meters 2
25 to 36 meters 1

Each time the character comes into another range band reroll for the person to master his or her phobia. the effects of these are not cumulative; however, changes to your Will will affect your next will roll. Also, you only need to make a Will roll once within any given range band. the effect of missing the will roll depends on the amount that you missed by.


For each success missed: -1 to all skills
For each 2 successes missed:-1 to all attributes
For each 5 successes missed: the character develops a personality shift (see below) to handle the situation.

If any any stat is temporarily reduced to 0, then you have passed out for 1 – 6 minutes, unless treated. If the character is prone to personality shifting during stressful conditions, the presence of the phobic item is stressful. In this case, roll for the personality shift, and if that does not take place then roll for the phobic reaction. Note: that it is possible to block the effects of a phobia by berserking (or other personality shifts. this was intentional.

Phobia List

Demophobia (crowds) (-10 points/Level): Any group of over a dozen people sets off this fear unless they are all well-known to you. Add 3 to your level if the crowd is large (100 or more).

Scotophobia (darkness) (-5 points/Level): You are afraid of going into dark places.this fear will manifest any time you try and enter a dark place.

Necrophobia (death and the dead) (-5/Level): Death and dead things scare you. Creatures of your own species add 2 to your level; creatures of other sentient species add 1; non-sentient creatures’ bodies subtract 1 from your level. Also, any animated body adds 1 to your roll (this includes apparent ghosts).

Rupophobia (dirt) (-2/Level): You hate to be dirty or be near filth. this roll is needed whenever you are asked to do a job that will require you to get dirty.

Claustrophobia (enclosed spaces and areas) (-5 points/level): You are extremely afraid of being entrapped in an enclosed area. this particular phobia will crop up in any small place where you do not have room to move. Included are large crowds where you can not move (such as being in the first row of a rock concert), a small restrictive tunnel, or in a particularly thick group of trees.

Acrophobia (heights) (-5 points/Level): You are afraid of falling from high places. this includes the top of buildings without railing (or flimsy) railings, or in trees.

Entomophobia (insects) (-2 points/Level): You are afraid of bugs. this generally includes any crawling or winged insectoid or arachnid. Arachnophobia would only cost -1 point/Level. Big bugs (> 2 inches) add 1 to your level, and huge bugs (> 1 foot) add 3 to your level.