Cost: -25 CP (1 level only)

Descripton: You do not have functioning vocal cords.

Detriment: You can not communicate in the traditional way – by speaking. You must mime, write, or find some other way to have your “voice” heard. Because of this Disability, others always suffer -2 from any Chemistry roll result.

There are no typical modifiers to this Disability.

Example: Karen is a mute. She is also a skilled sailor, and is the captain of her own vessel, a trade ship that patrols the country’s southern shore, moving cargo from city to city. In the course of her daily duties, she meets a lot of new people One day she drops anchor and finds a new harbor master on duty. Since she will have to deal with him regularly, the GM has them make Chem rolls for each other, with a +2 modifier for each because Karen is going out of her way to make good impression. Karen rolls her 6 dice, and achieves 3 Ss. WIth the +2 GM modifier, her result is 5, so likes the harbor master. Unfortunately, the harbor master gets the same 3 Ss. The +2 from the GM and the -2 due to Karen’s Disability offset, so the harbor master’s result is 3. The harbor master dislikes Karen. She will have to work extra hard to put their relationship on a positive note.