Musical Ability

Cost: 2 CP/level

Description: You are musically inclined.

Benefit: Each level adds 1 bonus die to any Skill roll that involves music (playing an instrument, singing, etc.).

Typical modifiers to Ability level:

  • Familiarity with type of instrument
  • Disposition of crowd (angry, playful, etc.)

Example: Louis plays the flute at level 5 and has a Musical Ability skill at level 3. One day as he is walking through the woods, he sees a bear approaching quickly. He has no weapons, but remembering that “music soothes the savage beast”, he grabs his trusty flute, and starts to play a song designed to placate the angry-looking animal. The GM considers the situation and decides to give Louis a 2-level penalty to his musical ability skill, due to the speed with which he will have to calm the bear. Louis rolls 5 dice (Lute Skill, TN=4) + 1 bonus die (modified Musical Ability level) = 6 dice (low 1 ignored), and gets 3 Ss. His attempt, as incredible as it seems, it successful, and the bear calms down and leaves Louis alone.