Cost: -5 CP/level

Description: You do not like to part with what you have. You will keep all of your riches unless really needed. You will always wear out materials before buying new ones, and always buy cheap items in the place of quality items.

Detriment: To break any of these strictures you will have to make a Will roll (TN=4).

Typical modifiers to Disability level:

  • Perceived need for item
  • Pressure from authority figure
  • Cost of item compared to quality

Example: Ebenezer is a Miser with a level 4 Disability. He also has a Will of 6. A man stops by his counting house one day looking for a handout for the poor. Ebenezer does not view this as a necessity of any sort. Plus as the boss, he has no pressure from above driving him to give a donation. Finally, as far as Ebenezer is concerned, there is no return on investment in giving money to the poor. Given these facts, the GM gives Ebenezer 3 penalty levels to his Disability. Ebenezer rolls 6 dice (TN=4) for his Will, and achieves 3 Ss. Even without the modifiers Ebenezer would have failed his Will roll by 1 Success, but because of the Penalty levels, he needed 7 Ss, meaning he failed his Will roll by 4 Ss. Ebenezer will not be donating on this occasion.