Cost: -10 points (1 level only)

Description: You believe that you are destined for some great task. Maybe you are fated to become the Emperor, a god, or the greatest magician possible. Whatever your destiny, however, it’s not a question of whether you’ll achieve it, but when. Note that this is different from a Delusion. You do not believe that you are the Emperor, just that you will become the Emperor.

This Disadvantage has both a Benefit and a Detriment, both relating to others’ Chem rolls when meeting you:

  • Benefit: Youths, the weak willed, and fanatics get +2 on their Chem roll due to your zealousness.
  • Detriments: All others have a -2 on their Chem roll for the same reason.

Typical modifiers to this Disability:

  • Active recruitment of followers
  • Popularity of your “destiny”

Example: Olive is a megalomaniac who believes she will one day become the “Right Hand of Yaz”. The fact that Yaz is the military governor who has been conducting a “scorched earth” policy in this territory makes this a very unpopular “destiny”, so even though she is not actively recruiting followers, the GM assesses an additional -2 to all Chem rolls while she is in this area of the world.