Mathematical Ability

Cost: 2 CP/level

Description: You are able to understand and use mathematics better than others with the same Math Skill level.

Benefit: Each level adds 1 bonus die to any mathematics-based Skill.

There are no typical modifiers to this Ability.

Example: Lisa is an engineer who has Mathematical Ability at level 3, and a Math Skill of 6. She is trying to calculate the amount of counterweight required for a trebuchet to launch a boulder into a nearby castle wall. In this land, large rocks are scarce, so their aim must be as accurate as possible. Their is simply not enough ammunition to waste any on bad shots. The GM has determined that the problem is complex enough that 4 penalty dice are called for, so Lisa rolls 6 dice (Math Skill) + 3 bonus dice (Mathematical Ability) + 4 penalty dice (GM penalty) = 13 dice (low 3 and high 4 ignored). The result is 2 Ss. It takes her a while, in the end, she is successful. There are no guarantees in battle, but thanks to Lisa’s help, at least the trebuchets will have the correct counterweight!