Cost: -5 CP/level

Description: You enjoy being hurt. Whenever you have a chance to be hurt, especially in a sexual situation, you will take it.

Detriment: To avoid giving in to the desire for pain (or once the pain has started, to want it to stop) you must make a Will roll. Every level of Masochism add 1 penalty die to Chem rolls if the other person knows of your trait. Note that masochism is generally considered to be somewhat worse then Sadism because you are hurting yourself or willingly putting yourself into a situation where you will be hurt. Masochism is generally related to sex.

Note that if you have this Disability, the greater the Will roll failure, the more urgent your need for painful satisfaction. Without a place in which to safely indulge your desire, you may resort to any action that will result in pain. At a low level of failure, perhaps you start a fight with the biggest guy in the bar. At medium levels, maybe you stick your hand in the campfire. At high levels, you might run in front of a charging horse. At extreme levels, throwing yourself down the stairs or out a window are possible.

Typical modifiers to Disability level:

  • Previous experience with person who sill be giving pain
  • Amount of time since last Masochism Will failure
  • Conflicting requirements

Example: Bradley is a masochist, a Disability he has at level 3. He also has a Will of 5. He enters a new town, and has nothing to do for several hours. It’s been a while since he has indulged his desire, and his hotel is next to a brothel, where he knows he can find someone willing to give him some pain. Because of the current state of affairs, the GM assigns a 2-level penalty to his Disability to avoid going to the brothel. Bradley rolls 5 dice for Will (TN=4), and winds up with 3 Ss, 2 fewer than the 5 required to resist the temptation. Bradly is off to the brothel.

After a few hours of happy agony, Bradley realizes that he has a conflicting appointment that it is vital he make. He has to make a Will roll to voluntarily stop the action. Because of the urgent appointment, the GM assigns 1 bonus level to Bradley’s Disability level. This time Bradley rolls badly on his Will roll, only achieving 1 success, again fewer than the number required, even though this time he only needed 2 Ss. Bradley ignores the time and his appointment, and instead continues indulging himself.