Cost: -5 CP/level

Description: You dislike work. When you are asked to do physical work you will usually resist. If you are not carefully supervised, you will generally stop (or not start).

Detriment: When you are meant to perform unsupervised work, you must make a Will roll (TN=4) to voluntarily start. If the person supervising you leaves, you must make another Will roll (same TN) to continue.

Typical modifiers for Disability level:

  • Your personal feeling about the work
  • Level of supervision
  • Ramifications for not doing the work

Example: Truman has a Will of 4 and a Laziness level of 3. The leader of his group has assigned Truman the task of cooking the group’s dinner. Truman’s mother was a professional chef who brought him up in the kitchen, so one of the few chores Truman actually likes is cooking. Besides, if he doesn’t cook, Harald will have to do it, and Harald is a terrible cook. Because of these factors, the GM assess 3 bonus levels to Truman’s Disability level, meaning a single success will be sufficient to allow Truman to motivate himself to do this unsupervised task. Truman rolls 4 dice for his Will, and achieves 2 Ss, 1 better than the required number. Truman will be cooking tonight.