Law Abider

Cost: -5 CP/level

Description: You always follow the rules and regulations of the society you are in. You may not agree with the laws, but you will obey them.

Detriment: The detriments for this Disability are three-fold:

  1. If you are ever required to break a law, you must make a Will roll (TN=4) to do it.
  2. To follow the rules, you must know them. Law Abiders who arrive in a new town, country, etc. will usually go out of their way to find out if questionable actions are legal or not.
  3. You may add 1 to the Chem rating for other people who are also Law Abiders, but must subtract one for all people who routinely flout the law. This rule applies in both directions, so the other person is affected by the same bonus or penalty as you are.
  4. Typical modifiers for Disability level:

    • Conflicting laws (e.g., country laws vs. Guild rules)
    • Extent to which the laws are enforced
    • Ramifications for not breaking the law

    Example: Izzy has a Will of 5 and a Law Abider level of 4. She walks into a bar at the fringes of the kingdom and finds all the patrons betting on a game of skill. Izzy knows she could win the game, but betting is forbidden by the King. On the other hand, she spots two Constables (in uniform) amongst the betting patrons. Obviously that particular law isn’t prosecuted here. Given the lack of enforcement. the fact that this appears to be a “victimless crime”, and the crowd mentality that is encouraging betting, the GM assesses 2 bonus levels for Izzy to break this particular law, so she only needs 2 Ss to place a bet. She rolls 5 dice for her Will, and winds up with 3 Ss, which is plenty for Izzy to take part in the betting, despite her Law Abiding nature.