Cost: -2 CP/level

Description: Your legs are partially damaged.

Detriment: Each level adds 1 penalty die to all Skill rolls that involve use of your legs, and 2 from your movement rate (MR). A MR of 0 or less indicates that you cannot walk at all.

There are no typical modifiers to this Disability.

Example: A childhood disease left Edmund Lame at level 5. Given his other stats, Edmund’s MR would normally be 14, but his weak legs give him a -10 penalty, meaning his Normal MR is only 4, or 0.8 mph. Now let’s assume that Edmund needs to escape from the 7th story of a burning building. The fire blocks the only staircase, and the only route involves walking on a narrow ledge that circles the window. The ledge is too narrow to crawl, so Edmund will have to walk. Obviously, Balance is a Skill that requires the use of the legs, so Edmund will take 5 penalty dice for his Balance roll. That’s not an encouraging number…