Cost: -2 CP/level

Description: You steal compulsively. The items you steal are rarely valuable, and if they are, it’s completely accidental. You simply do not steal for profit. In fact, you are not even aware that you steal things. Rather, you are frequently surprised to find in your possession items that belong to other people, and don’t know how they got there. You never plan the thefts; they are always “targets of opportunity”. Fortunately, since the things you steal have such little value, the owner is unlikely to immediately notice they are missing. Also, the chance of the theft being noticed is very small unless you are under careful observation. Even if the theft is observed, the person who sees you may not even care. Exceptionally honest kleptomaniacs may return the items to the people they belong to (if they know). Most simply leave them somewhere reasonably public where the rightful owner may find them.

Detriment: Once per week the GM makes a Will roll (TN=4) for you. If you do not achieve a number of Ss equal to or greater than your Kleptomania level, you fail the roll. The number of Ss you failed the roll by indicates the number of items you steal during the week. The GM will work the thefts into the game, and has complete control over the results.

There are no typical penalties for Disability level, since the thefts are unplanned and occur while the player is unaware of their actions.

Example: Isaac has Kleptomania at level 5 and a Will of 7. The GM’s Will roll for Isaac’s week results in only 3 Ss, 2 Ss short of success. Isaac will steal two items in the forthcoming week. The GM decides that Isaac’s first act will take place as he is wandering through the Inn’s common room.

Isaac sees a pipe lying unattended on a table. Isaac doesn’t smoke, and the pipe is old and basically valueless, but that doesn’t matter. This isn’t about profit. Isaac impulsively picks up and pockets the pipe.

At this point, the GM has a whole decision tree of choices to make. Did anyone see the theft? If so, do they know the pipe doesn’t belong to Isaac? If they know it does not, do they care enough to do something? If they do something, what will they do? The GM can use the answers to those questions to flavor the story, to create an entire side-adventure, to further the active storyline, or in any other way they see fit.