Cost: -5 CP/level

Description: You are resentful of other people have who seem to have more than you do, and you covet what they have.

Detriment: Each level gives you a 1-die penalty on any Chem level (if the person is already an associate, or on a Chem roll if they are not) for people who have or get more or better stuff than you. In order to offset this penalty, you can make a Will roll each week that you have regular association with the person who is the object of your Jealousy. You must achieve a number of Ss equal to or greater than your current Chem level to raise it by 1 point.

Typical modifiers to Disadvantage level:

  • Degree to which distribution was unfair
  • Later unequal distributions in your favor
  • Explanation of why distribution was fair

Karmac has Jealousy at level 3 and a Will of 5. After a successful adventure, he sees Latrya get the majority of the magic. He brings up his dissatisfaction with the group leader, who explains why the magic mostly went to Latrya. This does much to alleviate the bad feelings, so the GM assigns no penalty levels. Still, Karmac does see the distribution as unfair (even though he now knows why), so he must still make the Will roll. He rolls 5 dice for Will (TN=4), but only manages 1 success, so he fails the roll by 2 Ss. As a result, his Chem level for Latrya drops from 8 to 6. After a little soul-searching, Karmac decides to try to get along with her better. He starts working with Latrya regularly. After the first week, he makes another Will roll, and manages to get 6 Ss (thanks to a 2-level bonus from the GM for recent events), meaning that he has managed to raise his Chem level in regards to Latrya to 7.