Cost: 1 CP/level

Description: You despise people of a certain class or race.

Detriment: Each level subtracts 2 from any Chem roll when you meet someone of the affected class/race. People of that class/race have the same Chem penalty in regard to you. Other people’s Chem rolls also suffer half the penalty (rounded up) in regard to you. On the off chance that two people with Intolerance for each others’ classes meet each other (ex. a servant who hates rich people meets a rich person who hates servants), use the stronger Intolerance level for both.

Note: At any time, the GM may decide that a changing situation calls for another roll, with modifiers. For instance, if two people really don’t like each other, but are forced to work together for an extended period, during which they have a chance to observe each other and form a professional respect. The GM may give them another chance to roll a Chem roll, with positive modifiers.

Typical modifiers to Disability level:

  • Personal knowledge of individual
  • Recent activity
  • Desire to change
Frequency of Appearance
Roll 6 dice (TN=4)
0 Ss x16
1 Ss x8
2 Ss x4
3 Ss x2
4 Ss x1
5 Ss x.05
6 Ss x0.25

Example: Findalorian the elf has an Intolerance at level 4 against dwarfs. Since he usually stays in his elven village, the odds him actually meeting a dwarf is terribly low. The GM decides that it would be so rare that the 0.25 multiplier applies, meaning Findalorian gains a single CP for this Disadvangage. On the other hand, if Findalorian lived in a dwarf village, he would be expected to meet dwarfs on a daily basis, giving him a x16 multiplier. This huge Disadvantage nets Findalorian 64 CP. Of course, he will have a -8 penalty assessed against every Chem roll he will have to make. The dwarfs will also have a -8 penalty when they meet Findalorian (unless he meets a dwarf with an Intolerance for elves at a level greater than 4!). Although Findalorian has no Intolerance against humans, any human who has the opportunity to observe the elf’s own extreme prejudice against dwarfs will suffer a -4 penalty on their own Chem rolls toward Findalorian.