Cost: -5 CP/level

Description: You tend not to think before you act.

Detriment: When your character must think about what to do, the GM may demand that you make a Will roll (TN=4). If you do not achieve a number of Ss equal to or greater than your Impulsiveness level, you fail the roll. This Disability manifests during game play primarily in one of two situations:

  1. The GM believes you are thinking too long about what your character will do. If you fail your Will roll, the GM may give you a short period in which to voice your intent or your character must do nothing.
  2. You change your mind about what your character intends to do, especially if you made your first choice hastily, while your second was made after more careful consideration. If you fail your Will roll in this situation, your character must act on your first stated impulse.

There are no typical penalties for this ability Disability level, as there is no time to think about things that may affect your character’s choice.

Example: Theo the bounty hunter has a Will of 6 and Impulsiveness at level 4. He is chasing his quarry, Barty, across some rooftops. Barty, a much younger, fitter man, leaps a substantial gap, upon which Barty must decide nearly immediately whether or not to leap after him, or risk letting Barty get away. The player states that Theo will leap the gap, but upon finding out how far it actually is to the other side, changes his mind. The GM mandates a Will roll, which Theo fails by only achieving 3 Ss. Theo must try to make the leap.