Cost: -5 CP/level

Description: You are a very honest person–you hate to lie, cheat, or steal.

Detriment: If you are ever required to do something dishonest, you must make a Will roll (TN=4) to do it. Even when you succeed on your Will roll, your attempt will be half-hearted and easy to see through. Additionally, unfortunately, honest people tend to believe that others are honest as well, so you also suffer a -1 penalty to your Quick when rolling to detect someone else’s dishonesty.

Typical penalties for Disability level:

  • Reason for the dishonesty
  • The person or thing you are trying to be dishonest to
  • “Level” of dishonesty (that is, big lie vs. small lie)

Example: Gustav has a Will of 4 and an Honesty level of 5. He runs into a shop to try to hide from a man who wants to kill him. He asks the shopkeeper to hide him for a few moments. The shopkeeper wants to know why, but Gustav knows that if he tells the truth about why he is being pursued, the shopkeeper will not help him. However, the shopkeeper demands an answer, so Gustav considers trying to lie to him. It’s a big lie under a lot of pressure, but there are severe penalties (i.e., death) for not lying, so after weighting the balance, the GM assesses Gustav a -1 on his Honesty level, meaning he only needs 4 Ss to be able to tell his lie. Unfortunately, for Gustav, he only gets 3 Ss, so in this case, he cannot tell a lie even to save his own life. Still, his chances are better with the shopkeeper than the man outside, so he takes a deep breath and prepares to tell the truth and hope for the best. If that fails, maybe he can try a bribe or threat…