High Pain Threshold

Cost: 5 CP/level

Description: You have a higher tolerance for pain than most people.

Benefit: For each level, add 1 to your Con when rolling to be heroic during battle. See the Combat page for more information about Heroism rolls.

There are no typical modifiers to this Ability.

Example: Orlando has an outstanding Con of 9 and High Pain Threshold (HPT) at level 4. In battle, he takes a blow that reduces his remaining HP to 7. Since this is below his Con, Orlando must make a Heroism roll (TN=4 with 2 Ss required because he has 2 HP fewer than his Con) or fall to the ground in pain. He rolls 13 dice (Con+HPT; TN=4) and achieves 7 Ss, well more more than the number needed to shake off the pain enough to remain in the fight. Later, Orlando takes another blow that reduces his HP to -1. He must now make another Heroism roll or fall unconscious. Again Orlando rolls 13 dice, but as he is now 10 HP below his Con, he needs 10 Ss to remain standing. He does well with his roll, but manages only 8 Ss. The failed Heroism roll means that Orlando finally succumbs to his wounds and collapses.