Cost: -30 CP (1 level only)

Description: You are afflicted with a rare disease that keeps your blood from clotting.

Detriment: When you are cut, you continue bleeding at the rate of 1 HP per wound until you are professionally healed (magic, surgery, or similar) or until 3 rounds after someone administers first aid.

There are no typical modifiers to this Disability.

Example: Alexei is a hemophiliac. One day, he falls down the stairs, taking wounds on 4 separate occasions as he bounces to the bottom. He’s badly hurt by the fall, with a couple of broken bones. Of utmost concern however is the bleeding. His three external wounds are easily bandaged by anyone who happens to be nearby, but the internal wound will be more troublesome. Alexei’s outlook is not good, as the following chart shows:

Round Event
N/A Pre-Fall, Damage=0, Remaining HP=44
1 Falls down stairs, Falling damage=27, Remaining HP=17
2 First aid given, Bleeding damage=4, Remaining HP=13
3 None, Bleeding damage=4, Remaining HP=9
4 None, Bleeding damage=4, Remaining HP=5
5 External bleeding stops, Damage=1, Remaining HP=4

It is clear that if professional help doesn’t arrive soon, Alexei will be in a bad way. He will become unconscious in another 4 rounds, and die in 14. Alexei better hope the doctor arrives soon.