Cost: -5 CP/level

Description: You love money, money, money. You also like precious metals, gems, jewelry, anything valuable, but for you, there is no other motivator quite as attractive as that terrific sound of coins clinking in your purse.

Detriment: You will always accept offers of money or other valuables unless you make a Will roll (TN=4). People that are aware of your greediness get a -1 Chem roll per level of Greed.

Typical penalties for Disability level:

  • Amount or value offered
  • Money on hand (vs. credit)
  • Immediacy and urgency of need for cash

Repercussions of failing your Will roll are that you must accept the offer unless it exceeds certain thresholds. Those thresholds are:

-Ss Can decline the offer if (sample reasons only; not exclusive):
0 You have any good reason to refuse
1 You don’t personally trust the person making the offer
2 Accepting would cause you to behave in a way you normally wouldn’t
3 The task is personally reprehensible to you
4 Heroic effort would be required by accepting
5 A close associate or loved one’s life will be put at risk by accepting
6 Your own life will be put at risk by accepting
7 N/A; you must accept

Example: Dmitry has a Will of 7 and is Greedy at level 5. Mark the moneylender has offered him a significant sum of money to break a man’s kneecaps who hasn’t paid his debt. Apart from the amount offered, the GM has determined that no modifiers apply, so Dmitry only has a penalty of 1 level. He’ll need 6 Ss on his Will roll, and manages 5 Ss. He only fails this roll by one, so he can refuse this job if he has reson to distrust Mark. Actually, Dmitry doesn’t trust Mark because some time ago, Mark stiffed Dmitry on a fee, which the GM determines is sufficient reason to allow Dmitry to refuse in this case. At this point, it is entirely the player’s choice whether Dmitry will accept or decline Mark’s offer.