Living On The Edge

Cost: -5 CP/level

Description: You love to take risks. If there is not some risk, then the activity is boring and isn’t really worth doing.

Detriment: For any activity with penalty dice attached, you must make a Will roll to resist trying it. In general, you receive the same number of penalty dice on your Will roll (TN=4) as are attached to the activity itself. Note: The GM should keep in mind that the risk taker is not foolhardy or suicidal. If they truly believe that the action is unattainable, they do not have to try it. One way to handle this is to secretly make a Skill roll with bonuses and penalties the character believes will be involved. This may be different from bonuses and penalties that are actually involved. If they achieve a Success, they believe that they can succeed.

Typical modifiers to this Disability:

  • Perceived ramifications of failure
  • Actions of others (e.g., “egging on”, talking out of)

Example 1: Kevin has a Will of 6 and Living on the Edge at level 4. His Company has come across a deep chasm, across which is an ancient rope-and-plank bridge. It looks none too steady, but someone has to cross to make sure it’s safe. There are plenty of modifiers going on. For a start, because failure to get across would result in the Company having to go miles out of their way, and because several of Kevin’s buddies are urging him to give it a shot, the GM assigns 2 bonus levels to his Disability. The GM then rolls 6 dice for Kevin’s Will + 2 penalty dice (threat of death if the bridge fails) = 8 dice (top 2 ignored). Kevin only manages 3 Ss on this roll, far less than the 6 Ss required, so the GM tells Kevin that he does not believe the action is possible. It’s up to Kevin whether he tries or not.

Example 2: Same scenario, but let’s assume Kevin got 6 Ss on his Will roll. He believes it is possible to cross the bridge alive, and the danger makes it attractive. Kevin must now make a Will roll to try to resist making the attempt. He will use the actual number of penalty dice for the activity as penalty dice to his Will roll. Kevin rolls 6 dice for his Will + 4 penalty dice (he didn’t know about the sabotaged rope, so the GM didn’t include them on the secret roll) = 10 dice (top 4 ignored). He achieves 4 Ss, which is below his Will level (6), so Kevin must attempt this crossing.