Cost: 5 CP/level

Description: You can create items on the fly with odd bits of stuff that you find laying around. Think MacGyver.

Benefit: While most people have Skills to build particular items (e.g., see the Build/Repair Weapons, Build/Repair Vehicles Skills), you are able to build just about anything. When trying to create an item, you may roll as many times as necessary until you succeed (few are successful the first time the craft a new item). The GM will decide how much time each attempt occupies, considering how difficult your task is. The modifiers below will help the GM identify applicable time considerations.

Typical modifiers to this Ability:

  • Complexity of item being created
  • Availability of raw materials
  • Availability of tools
  • Time needed and available
  • Working under pressure
  • Size of item being created

Example: Morris, a level 6 Gadgeteer, has been captured, and is being held prisoner in the high tower of his arch rival Sir Chalmsey. He needs to create something to help him escape from the tower. To his advantage, Morris has all the time he needs. However, his disadvantages are plentiful, primarily including the near absence of materials and tools, and the fact that he is observed at random intervals. With all this in mind, the GM decides that severe penalties are called for, and assigns a penalty of 5 levels to his Ability (meaning Morris may roll but a single die to check for success). Furthermore, given the difficult nature of the task, the GM tells Morris that each attempt will take him one week. Twice in succession, Morris gets no successes, and fails, but on the third try, he gets a single success. It has taken Morris three weeks, but he has created a device that is just capable of bending the bars in his window apart far enough to let him squeeze out, and a rope that will support his weight to let him descend safely to the ground.