Cost: -15 CP (1 level only)

Description: You believe very strongly something so strongly that it has become the defining aspect of your life. This belief may be based in on religion, tradition, patriotism, love, hatred, or any other facet of life that is capable of engendering strong feelings.

Detriment: You do not have to act foolhardy because of this Disability, but you will put the object of your fanaticism before all other motivators. It is always your first consideration when planning any course of action.

There are no typical modifiers to this Disability.

Example: Victoria is a Fanatical supporter of Nedwillian independence, and has dedicated her life to ousting the conquering Thurian invaders. Her main driving thoughts (though not EVERY thought, of course) are of ways to inflict damage on the Thurians. One day she sees a squad of heavily armed and armored Thurian warriors marching through town. She is alone, unarmed, and unarmored. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that attacking them on sight would quickly lead to her death, so although Victoria briefly considers taking that action, she quickly discards the notion. Besides, she can inflict more damage on them if she stays alive to fight another day.