Extra Fatigue

Cost: 5 CP/level

Description: You have more stamina than the average person.

Benefit: Each level gives you a 1-point bonus to your physical fatigue (PF) statistic.

There are no typical modifiers to this Ability.

Example: Agatha has a Con of 7 and Extra Fatigue (EF) at level 6. Frankly, it takes a lot to wear her out. To show just how much, consider the following numbers:

  Without Extra Fatigue With Extra Fatigue
Calculation PF = 2 x Con PF = (2 x Con) + EF
Result PF = 14 PF = 20

So let’s say that Agatha, who is standing on a roof, is trying to support the weight of her friend, who is hanging from a rope off the side of the building. The GM determines that Agatha can do so for only 1 minute per PF. Without Agatha’s Extra Fatigue, she would only be able to support her friend for 14 minutes. In this case, her Ability gains her an extra 6 minutes of support for her friend.