Cost: Varies depending on the number of enemies you have, their relative level of power, and the frequency with which they show up to make your life miserable.

Description: An enemy is someone or something that is after your hide.

Specifics of your enemy:

# Involved CP   Power CP   Appear on (3d6) Multiplier
1-2 0   Average + 0   15 or less x4
3-5 5   Above Average +5   10 or less x2
6-20 10   Very Powerful +10   7 or less x1
21-100 20   Extremely Powerful +15      
101+ 30   Unearthly Strong +20      

Example: In his youth, Kristian was responsible for the death of a man. The man’s son Brian (0 CP) has sworn to revenge himself on Kristian, and has spent the past few years becoming a very capable swordsman (+10 CP). He doesn’t want to kill Kristian, preferring to simply upset his plans at every opportunity (x4 multiplier). Brian’s enmity has gained Kristian 40 (0 + 10 x 4) CP.