Cost: 5 CP/level

Description: You have a sort of intuition, a feeling about people that is usually right.

Benefit: Each level adds 1 to any Psychology skill roll. Also, when meeting a person for the first time the GM rolls an Empathy roll (TN=4) for you. To succeed, this roll requires a number of Ss equal to the other person’s Quick minus your level of Empathy (although at least 1 Success is always needed). If the roll does succeed, you gain a general insight into the other person’s character.

Typical modifiers to Ability level:

  • Acquaintance with other person
  • Similarity to previous experience

Example: Argo, who has Empathy at level 4, has just met Jeremiah, who has Quick at level 5. Since they have just met, the GM decides that no modifiers will be applied to Argo’s Empathy roll. The GM rolls 4 dice for Argo (TN=4). Jeremiah’s Quick (5) minus Argo’s Empathy (4) is 1, so Argo only needs 1 success to gain an insight into Jeremiah’s character. The result of Argo’s Empathy roll is 2 Ss, so the GM informs Argo that he does not really trust Jeremiah, and thinks he is hiding something.