Cost: -2 CP/level

Description: You have an inherited, neurological condition that interferes with the acquisition and processing of language. It is manifested by difficulties reading, writing, spelling, and at high levels arithmetic.

Detriment: Each level adds 1 penalty die to any reading- or writing- based Skill roll. Starting at level 4, each level also adds 1 penalty die to any mathematics-based Skill roll.

There are no typical modifiers to this Disability.

Example: Theodore has Dyslexia at level 5, and a Reading Skill of 4. He is cleaning out a friend’s house after that friend’s death and comes across an expensive-looking book. He tries to read the cover, to determine the book’s contents, so he rolls 4 dice for Reading + 5 dice for Dyslexia = 9 dice (high 5 ignored), and gets no Successes. He can’t understand what is written on the book.