Cost: Varies depending on the frequency with which you will be called upon to serve and the amount of physical danger you can expect to be put in when you do.

Description: You have a responsibility to someone or something. Some examples of duties are a feudal obligation to a Lord, a religious obligation to a church or god, and a sworn obligation to a particular leader.

Detriment: You must answer the call, whenever it comes. You will drop any conflicting activities for as long as it takes to satisfy those to whom you owe the duty.

Specifics of your duty:

Called (on 3d6) CP   Level of Danger CP
15 or less -15   Death is a likely outcome x4
10 or less -10   Death is possible, but unlikely x2
7 or less -5   Death is extremely unlikely x1

Example: Sir Herbert is a member of the Knights of Spotlessness. The position is largely honorary, but he is obligated to respond to their call. They rarely (-5 CP) call him to serve, and when they do, Sir Herbert can expect to be assigned tasks limited to such things as painting over graffiti on the town wall or removing cast-off peanut shells from beneath the stands at the tournament field (x1 multiplier). Sir Herbert therefore gains 5 CP for accepting this Duty (-5 x 1).