Double Jointed

Cost: 2 CP/level

Description: Your joints are extremely supple. At high levels, you are able to dislocate your joints at will.

Benefit: Each level adds 1 bonus die to any Skill roll that involves the ability to twist, compress, or manipulate your limbs. Some examples include fitting into small spaces, working your way out of confinement (ropes, straightjackets, etc.), or dodging thrown objects.

There are no typical modifiers to this Ability, although the GM can assign penalties or bonuses as the circumstances warrant.

Example: Sarah is double-joined, an Ability she has at level 3. Sarah is also a cat-burglar. She generally gets into buildings through windows that are left open. Occasionally, she finds a very small window, but her loose joints allow her to get into even very small windows. On this particular occasion, the GM determines that the window she is trying to access is so small that a penalty of 2 levels applies to Sarah’s attempt. Sarah rolls 1 die for being Double Jointed and is lucky – despite her penalty, she manages a single Success, meaning that she is barely able to enter the window.