Cost: Varies depending on the competency of your dependant, the frequency with which they tend to get into trouble, and their importance in your life.

Description: You have someone who depends on you for protection.

Detriment: You are bound to protect your dependant in any way that you can. You must risk your life to rescue or save the dependant when they are in danger.

Specifics of your dependant:

Competence CP   In Danger (on 3d6) CP
180 or less -15   15 or less x3
180-360 -10   12 or less x2
360-540 -5   9 or less x1
540+ 0   6 or less x0.5
Cost is doubled if the dependant is a loved one

Example: Lorna’s sole living relative is her nephew (cost is doubled), Davin, who is an apprentice locksmith. Davin is currently 13 years old, so he only has 156 CP (-15 CP). In his spare time, the lad loves to practice his skills by unlocking any locks he can get near–doors, chests, boxes, etc.–an activity that frequently gets him into trouble (x2 multiplier); trouble of the sort that Lorna has to help sort out. This dependent gains Lorna 60 CP (-15 x 2 = 30, doubled because Davin is a loved one). Let’s hope Lorna uses them to pick up skills that will help her keep Davin out of trouble.