Cost: -1 CP, -5 CP, or -15 CP

Description: You think something is true that others do not believe. This does not mean that what you believe is false; it only means that others don’t believe it.


CP Description Reaction Example
-1 Minor delusions that do not significantly affect your behavior. Most people will not even notice this type of delusion. Wearing green makes me more vulnerable to magic.
The Prince is not the King’s legitimate son.
-5 Delusions that affect your behavior, but only in minor ways that do not impact your effectiveness. People who are close to you are likely to notice these delusions, and when they do, they react negatively (-1 Chem penalty). My father is a demon who raped my mother.
The Temple of Apollo is after me.
-15 Major delusions that affect your behavior tremendously. In fact, they define your behavior. Everyone notices these delusions, and when they do, they react with a -5 Chem roll. I am Apollo.
I am invulnerable to magic.

Example: Alexandra is a reporter. Her job is to question people. She also believes that saying the name of an illness will cause you to become sick with it, so she always whispers disease names. People definitely notice this, and can be annoyed by it, but they almost never get so annoyed that they refuse to answer her questions. Alexandra gains 5 CP for accepting this type of Delusion.