Cost: Varies depending on type of debt you have incurred and the degree of risk you will be exposed to as you try to repay it.

Description: You owe someone a debt–and they will call in the marker one day. This will definitely put you into a bad situation. Note that since a debt that involves fighting almost always involves the risk of death, so it is almost always a -30 CP Disability.

Specifics of your debt:

Level of Debt CP   Level of Risk CP
Information only -2   Embarrassment x0.5
Supply goods -4   Minor legal penalty x1
Physical assistance -8   Major legal penalty x2
Fighting -10   Risk of death x3

Example: Manny the local rug merchant lent a significant amount of money to Frieda a while back. He hasn’t come looking to be repaid yet, but he will. Since Frieda doesn’t have the money, and Manny knows it, he’s likely to offer her a “trade”. Basically, she will have to do something for Manny (-8 CP). The GM has decided that he will one day ask her to burn down the tent belonging to his rival, taking all his stock with it. Since the penalty if Frieda is caught would likely involve imprisonment, a major legal penalty (x2 multiplier, accepting this Disability will net Frieda 16 CP (-8 x 2).