Danger Sense

Cost: 5 CP/level

Description: You have a limited form of precognition. You know when danger is afoot, which allows you to react to it more quickly than others.

Benefit: When danger that you are not aware of threatens, the GM will roll a number of dice equal to your level (TN=4). Each success adds 1 to your Reaction ( R ) roll. If combat ensues, this advantage also applies to your Initiative (Init) roll for the first combat round only. For more information about combat, see the combat page.

There are no typical modifiers for this Ability.

Example: Paula is walking down an alley where a thief waits for unsuspecting prey. The GM rolls a Skill roll for the thief, and even considering his surprise, only gets 4 Ss. Since Paula has Danger Sense at level 3, the GM rolls 3 dice for her, getting 2 Ss. When she makes her Reaction roll to see how well she reacted to the thief’s unexpected move, she gets 3 Ss, but her Danger Sense roll adds 2 Ss, for a total of 5 Ss. Paula’s Reaction roll beats the thief’s Skill roll (5 Ss to 4 Ss), so Paula reacts quickly enough to the situation that she gets to make the first move. If she chose to initiate combat, Paula would also get to add 2 to her first Init roll, but in this case, Paula is unarmed, so she chooses instead to dodge around the thief and run.