Cost: -5 CP/level

Description: You detest the thought of risking physical harm. When a situation presents itself to avoid any activity that you consider likely to put your health or well-being at risk, you will do so at your earliest opportunity. This could mean hiding, running away, surrendering, giving in, or any other action that you believe will end the threat.

Detriment: You must make a Will roll (TN-4) when you believe you are in, or will soon be in, a dangerous situation. Note that this does not necessarily mean combat. Also, every time you are physically hurt you must make another Will roll or immediately give up.

Typical modifiers to Disability level:

  • Perceived level of risk
  • Relative social levels of involved parties
  • Amount of support a potential opponent has

The amount by which you fail your Will roll means you must quit the field if you feel the the applicable situation (or worse) is likely to occur:

-Ss Situaltional Example
0 N/A
1 Certain loss of life or career
2 Likely loss of life or career
3 Possible loss of life or career
4 Certain verbal altercation
5 Likely verbal altercation
6 Possible verbal altercation
7 Any altercation at all

Example: Jack is slightly cowardly, a Disability he possesses at level 3. His Will is a very strong 8. He has just grabbed a pair of saddlebags off Big Pat’s horse, but as he turns to leave, he spots Big Pat coming his way, looking none too happy. The GM decides that being caught in the act is about as bad as things can get, so she assigns a 4-level penalty, meaning that Jack is rolling against a Cowardice level of 7. He does well with his Will roll, getting 5 Ss, meaning he has failed his Will roll by 2 Ss. Jack quickly assesses the situation. Big Pat, for all his size, is not a skilled fighter. He is also currently unarmed, while Jack himself is a skilled swordsman, with his favorite weapon by his side. He does not feel that his life or career is likely to be in jeopardy, so even though he failed his Will roll, the situation sufficiently favors him that he is under no obligation to immediately surrender the saddlebags.