Cost: Varies depending on the competence of your contact, the odds that they will actually help you, and the amount of assistance they are capable of providing.

Description: A contact is a friend that may come to your aid when needed. Your friend may help by providing information, money, goods, or services. Use the following chart to find the cost of a contact.

Specifics of your contact and the help you can expect:

Competence CP   Appears (on 3d6) CP   Level of Assistance CP
Up to 180 5   15 or less x3   Personal Involvement x2
181 – 360 10   12 or less x2   Material goods x1
360+ 15   9 or less x1   Information x0.5

Helen sneaks into town clutching the wound that is slowly taking her life. She’s still on the run from the guards, but Mark lives here, and she knows she can count on him. Mark is a very competent ally (he has 280 CP worth of Skills; 10 CP), who is almost always home (x3 multiplier). His position keeps him from getting personally involved, but he always willingly gives her the supplies she needs (x1 multiplier) – in this case, that means medical supplies. It’s handy to have a friend like Mark, but such an asset will cost you, as it cost Helen, 30 CP (10 CP x 3 x 1).