Combat Reflexes

Cost: 5 CP/level

Definition: When you are in combat, your reflexes are quicker than those of others who have the same Dex as you.

Benefit: Each level adds 1 level to your Dex when making any combat roll that involves your reflexes (e.g., Initiative). For more information about combat, see the combat page.

There are no typical modifiers to this Ability.

Example: Timothy is in the middle of a fight. He needs to make an initiative (Init) roll to see how quickly he can act. Fortunately for Timothy, he has Combat Reflexes at level 4. Fortunately again, an Init roll is based largely on his Reaction ( R ) statistic, which is based largely on his Dex. For this particular calculation, Timothy’s Dex will be considered 4 levels higher than its actual level. In practice, Timothy’s Advantage looks like this:

Calculation Without Combat Reflexes With Combat Reflexes
R=(Quick+Dex)/2 R=(6+4)/2=5 R=(6+8)/2=7
Init=R+WpnSkill/2 Init=5+5/2=7 Init=7+5/2=9

Thanks to Timothy’s Combat Reflexes, he will be able to attack two rounds quicker. Attacking quicker may one day prove to be the difference between life and death.