Combat Paralysis

Cost: -5 CP/level

Description: You tend to freeze up when in combat.

Detriment: You must make a Will roll (TN=4) to actually participate in combat.

Typical penalties to Disability level:

  • Number, gear, and competence of enemies
  • Surprise

Typical modifications to Disability level:

-Ss Character’s Behavior Combat modifier (cumulative)
0 Slight hesitation -2 Initiative
1 Hesitation Lose 1 action/round
2 Tentativeness -1 level on weapon Skill
3 Reluctance -1 level on weapon Skill
4 Fear Capable of defending only
5 Retreat Only capable of organized retreat
6 Panic Turn and run immediately
7 Complete Paralysis Can do nothing at all

Example: Michael has Combat Paralysis at level 4 and a Will of 6. He and his friends are walking through the woods when a sizable force of mounted warriors begins charging toward them. Because Michael’s foes are well armed and armored, mounted, and trained, and because they outnumber his own group by at least 2-to-1, the GM assess a penalty of 6 to Michael’s Disability. He makes a Will roll, and garners 5 Ss. Unfortunately, he needed 10 Ss to act in the face of such a overwhelming foe. His failure by 5 Ss forces him to retreat. He doesn’t panic and run, but also cannot stand and fight, even if they were to catch up to him–which at this point seems likely.