Color Blindness

Cost: -5 CP for 1st level, -5 more CP (-10 total) for 2nd level.

Description: Your character can not distinguish between certain colors.

Detriment: At level 1, you have two primary choices:

  • 99% of color blind people have red/green color-blindness, which is an insensitivity to red and green light. They see greens and reds as shades of gray, and oranges as brown.
  • 1% of color blind people have blue/yellow color-blindness, which is an insensitivity to blue light, causing yellows and oranges to be seen as red, greens to be seen as blue, and pinks to be seen as brown.

At level 2, your character cannot distinguish between any colors, effectively seeing the world like a black and white movie.

There are no typical modifiers to this Disability.

Example: Pierre has red/green colorblindness. His Guild has a logo comprised mostly of reds and greens, meaning that Pierre sees it as a grayish blob. If identification of the Guild logo is important to him for any reason, he will have to find another way to identify it.