Cost: -5 CP/level

Description: You delight in pushing others around. Nothing makes you happier than verbally or physically (or both!) intimidating people you see as weaker than yourself.

Detriment: You must make a Will roll (TN=4) to resist the urge to pick on other people.

Typical modifiers to Disability level:

  • Presence of cronies
  • Actions of cronies (e.g., “egging on”)
  • Apparent degree of helplessness of target

Repercussions for failing your Will roll are:

-Ss Character’s Action Onlookers’ Actions
0 None N/A
1 Tease (nasty) Ignore behavior (limited)
2 Light physical (push, bump) Disbelief
3 Medium physical (slap, trip) Discomfort
4 Threaten with violence Give way, 25% fetch guard
5 Medium physical (punch, grapple) Clear area, 50% fetch guard
6 Threaten with weapon Clear area, 67% fetch guard
7 Armed assault Clear area, fetch guard

Example: Theresa is a Bully, a Disability she has at level 4. Her Will is also 4. She walks into the pub’s common room and spots the serving girl, who is short, slim, and shy to boot. Theresa has two companions with her, who Theresa also bullies, so they see it as their personal goal to find alternate targets for Theresa to pick on. They spot the serving girl, and immediately make sure Theresa knows about her presence. The GM assigns 2 penalty levels to her Bully level, due to the actions of Theresa’s companions and the bearing of the serving girl. Theresa rolls 4 dice for Will, and gets 3 Ss. She needed 6 Ss, so failed her roll by 3 Ss. The next time the serving girl passes, Theresa takes the opportunity to trip her. The action makes those who notice Theresa’s behavior uncomfortable. Some of those, if they are very kind-hearted, may say something to Theresa about her behavior.