Cost: -5 CP/level

Description: Whenever you are hit in combat you are prone to go on an all-out attack, with no thought to defending or retreating. At it’s most extreme, this state lasts until all of your enemies or you are dead!

Detriment: You must make a Will roll (TN=4) every time you are injured in combat. Note that this Disability also has a form of advantage as well. While in the throws of your Beserk rage, you never need to roll Heroism rolls.

Typical modifiers to Disability level:

  • Severity of injury
  • Repeated injuries
  • Already Berserk

Repercussions for failing your Will roll are:

-Ss Character’s Reaction Attack Modifier
0 None N/A
1 Calculated strong attack vs. one who injured you +2 Str
2 Immediate strong attack vs. one who injured you +4 Str, -1 Skill
3 Determined strong attack vs. one who injured you +6 Str, -1 Skill
4 Wild strong attack vs. one who injured you +8 Str, -2 Skill
5 Frenzied strong attack vs. one who injured you +10 Str, -2 Skill
6 Frenzied srong attack vs. nearby enemies +12 Str, -3 Skill
7 Frenzied strong attack vs. all enemies +14 Str, -4 Skill

Example: Sheldon has Beserk at level 3 and a Will of 5. He is fighting a pair of armed Orcs, and has just suffered his third wound, this one more significant than the others were. The GM assesses a 3-level penalty to Sheldon’s Berserk level because of the number and severity of his existing wounds. Sheldon rolls 5 dice for Will, and manages just 3 Ss. Since he needed 6 Ss, meaning he has failed by 3 Ss. Sheldon loses control of his ability to restrain his anger, and begins a determined attack against the Orc that just wounded him, completely ignoring the second Orc. His adrenaline starts pumping overtime, lending Sheldon a temporary 6-point boost in Str, although the frenzy with which he attacks causes his sword skill to suffer a 1-point penalty. Should he kill the Orc before being wounded again, his Berserk rage will dissipate, allowing him to behave normally while fighting the remaining Orc.