Bad Hearing

Cost: -2 CP/level

Description: Your hearing is worse than normal.

Detriment: Each level adds 1 penalty die for any auditory perception roll.

There are no typical modifiers specific to this Ability. Any bonus or penalty will be applied to the basic perception roll.

Example: Neville has a Quick of 6 and Bad Hearing at level 3. A couple of people at the next table are holding a low conversation. Neville is interested in what they have to say, so he tries to eavesdrop on them. The GM gives him a Quick roll (TN=4) to catch the conversation, and decides that the current situation (incredibly noisy area) calls for a penalty of 4 dice to overhear them (note that this penalty is applied to the Quick roll, not the Bad Hearing level). Neville rolls 6 dice for his Quick + 4 penalty dice for the GM penalty + 3 penalty dice for Bad Hearing = 13 dice (high 7 ignored), and winds up with 0 Ss. Try though he might, Neville just can’t make out what they’re saying.