Animal Empathy

Cost: 2 CP/level

Description: You have a way with animals. You "understand" them and they understand you.

Benefit: Each level adds 1 bonus die to any Skill roll that involves working with animals.

Typical modifiers to Ability level:

  • Familiarity with type of (or particular) animal
  • Animal likely to want to cooperate
  • Nearby distractions (motion, noise)

Example: Karen has Animal Empathy at level 4 and a Veterinary Skill of level 5. Her horse has injured its leg, and Karen is trying to heal her. Karen and her horse have been together for several years, so they are very comfortable with each other already, and she has a wide experience with working on horses in general. There are no nearby distractions, but the procedure is likely to be painful. Although the horse trusts Karen, it won’t want the pain. Taking all these things into consideration, the GM decides to give Karen a 2-level bonus to heal this particular injury. Karen rolls 5 dice for Veterinary Skill + 6 bonus dice for Animal Empathy = 11 dice (low 6 ignored), and winds up with 4 Ss. Karen was successful in healing her horse, and did a good job with it.