Cost: Varies widely depending on the size of the group you feel allegiance to and the amount of danger that group routinely puts you in.

Description: Allegiance is a feeling of responsibility to something greater than yourself. It is not your duty to act faithful; rather, being faithful to them defines who you are. Under anything but the most extreme circumstances, you would never consider not supporting them in any way, much less turning on them.

Specifics of the group the character owes an Allegiance to:

Size of Group CP   Danger (on 3d6) CP
1 person -1   15 or less x4
2 – 10 people -5   10 or less x2
10 – 100 people -10   7 or less x1
over 100 people -15      

Example: Robin Hood felt an allegiance to the poor people of Nottingham (a very large group = -15 CP), which quite frequently put him in physical danger (x4 multiplier), so this Allegiance is worth -60 CP (-15×4). He also had an Allegiance to King Richard (a single person = -1 CP), which occasionally put him in danger (x2 multiplier). This second Allegiance is worth -2 points, meaning this Disadvantage gives Robin a total of 62 CP.