Cost: 5 CP/level

Description: You are extremely in tune with all your senses. You hear, see, smell, etc. better than other people. At very high levels, you hear every sound, no matter how quiet and see every movement, no matter how slight. Eating and drinking are exquisite experiences, and silk is almost too cold to touch.

Benefit: Each level adds 1 bonus die to any Sense roll.

There are no typical modifiers specific to this Abililty. Any bonus or penalty will be applied to the basic Sense roll.

Example: Imelda has a Quick of 6 and Alertness at level 4. She is sleeping in the woods one night when a troll attempts to stealthily approach, with the idea of making Imelda into a quick lunch. The troll’s Stealth skill is 6, and rolls 4 Ss, so Imelda needs at least 5 Ss (TN=4) to see or hear the troll. Imelda rolls 6 dice for Quick + 4 bonus dice for Alertness = 10 dice (low 4 ignored), and achieves 5 Ss. At this point, it is up to the GM to decide whether she can see or hear the troll or both.