Cost: -10 CP/level

Description: You are afflicted with the genetic disorder Albinism. You are sterile, your skin is totally white, your eyes are red, and you can not stand the sun.

Detriment: For each level, you suffer 1 HP of damage/half-hour and -1 Dex when trying to complete any action when you are exposed to direct sunlight.

There are no typical modifiers to this Disability.

Brandy has severe albinism (level 8). She completely avoids the daylight hours whenever possible, both because of the intense pain the sun causes her (8 HP of damage for every half hour of exposure), and because she simply cannot function in the daylight. Her natural Dex of 7 is completely nullified, functioning as a -1 during the daylight. However, extra 80 CP she earned by accepting this penalty makes her a force to be reckoned with at night.