Cost: Varies widely depending on the availability, cost, and legality of the substance you are addicted to, as well as the effect of missing a dose. See the chart below to calculate cost.

Description: You are addicted to some drug. You and the GM must agree on the vital aspects of the drug in question.

Detriment: Every time you miss a dose, you must make a successful Con roll or take physical damage. In a worst-case scenario, a severe enough failure on your Con roll could result in death.

Specifics of the drug the character is addicted to:

Availability CP   Legality CP
Easy to Find 0   Legal and tolerated 0
Hard to Find -5   Legal but not tolerated -5
Very Hard to find -10   Illegal, but tolerated -5
      Illegal and not tolerated -10
Amount CP      
Less than 20 pennies/dose -5   Effects CP
20 – 100 pennies/dose -10   Per die of damage -5
101 – 200 pennies/dose -15   Required Ss on Con roll -1
200 pennies per dose or more -20      

Example: Francis is addicted to a drug called Cold Brew. Cold Brew is illegal, though since it doesn’t routinely make its addicts behave anti-socially, most people turn a blind eye toward those who use it (-5 CP). It is hard to find (-5 CP), and fairly expensive, at 125 pennies/dose (-15 CP). Unfortunately for Francis, Cold Brew addicts have it rough. When they miss getting their “fix”, they must achieve 4Ss (TN=4; -4 CP) on a Con roll or suffer 5 dice of damage (-25 CP). This is a harsh addiction, but accepting it nets Francis 54 CP to spend elsewhere.