Acute Hearing

Cost: 2 CP/level

Description: Your sense of hearing is more acute than the normal person’s hearing.

Benefit: Each level adds 1 bonus die when making any Listen roll.

There are no typical modifiers specific to this Ability. Any bonus or penalty will be applied to the basic Listen roll.

Example: Madeline has a Quick of 5 and Acute Hearing at level 4. An assassin is attempting to sneak up to her camp. All members of the group get a Quick roll (TN=4) to hear him. The assassin’s Stealth skill is 8, and he rolls 5 Ss on his Stealth roll. For anyone to notice his approach, they must achieve more than 5 Ss. Madeline rolls 5 dice for Quick + 4 bonus dice for Acute Hearing = 9 dice (low 4 ignored), and winds up with 6 Ss. While the other group members are oblivious to the threat, Madeline hears the assassin and alerts the group.