Absolute Direction

Cost: 2 CP/level

Description: Your character can tell the points of the compass with extreme accuracy, even when underground.

Benefit: Each level adds 1 bonus die when making a Navigation Skill roll.

Typical modifiers to Ability level:

  • Disorientation (e.g., being teleported, losing consciousness, being drunk)
  • Lack of or similarity of reference points
  • Magical inhibitors

Example: Xavier has Absolute Direction at level 5 and Orienteering at level 4. The next large town is almost 30 miles away, but the road that leads to it is winding and circuitous, so the travel distance is almost twice that. Xavier chooses to cut straight across the open field to save time. The trip will take Xavier two days, so he will have to make two Navigation Skill rolls (TN=4). Since the land is very flat and the heavily overcast sky obscures the sky, all the usual reference points are missing, so the GM asses a 3-level penalty. Each day Xavier rolls 4 dice for his Orienteering Skill + 1 bonus die for his Absolute Direction = 5 dice (low 1 ignored). On the first day Xavier manages a total of 4 Ss, so Harold goes in the correct direction with little problem. On the second day, however, Xavier only gets 2 Ss, so Xavier has wandered somewhat off course. He still gets to his location, but the GM must determine how much extra time and effort it cost him.