Cost: -5 CP/level

Description: Your character's memory is inconsistent.

Detriment: When you need to remember something important, your character must roll a Quick roll (TN=4).

Typical modifiers to Disability level:

  • Time since given the task
  • Amount of distraction


-Ss* Description of Failure
0 None
1 Forget one detail
2 Misremember one detail
3 Forget two details
4 Forget one detail and misremember one detail
5 Forget several details
6 Misremember several details
7 Forget all details

Harold has this Disability at level 4, and a Quick of 6. He has to meet a potential employer at noon at the Swan and Basket pub. He made the appointment several days ago, but hasn't done much since then. Due to the length of time Harold has had to remember the information, the GM assigns a 2-level penalty to Harold's Disability. Harold rolls 6 dice (TN=4) for his Quick, and needs 6 Ss to avoid failure. He manages 2 Ss, so he failed by 4 Ss. The GM informs the player that as far as Harold knows, he has to meet the potential employer at the Broken Spur inn (one detail misremembered), but can't remember the time (one detail forgotten). There's a pretty good chance that Harold will miss this appointment.