Physical Skills

Outdoor Skills (Con+Mana)/5

  • Fire Building
  • Orienteering
  • Scrounging
  • B/R Shelter
  • Survival (Tundra, Steppe, desert, forest, sea)

Water Sports (Physical Att/4

  • Swimming (Distance, Sprint, Backstroke, Butterfly)
  • Diving (Scuba, Platform, Cliff

Athletics (Physical Att/4)

  • Skiing (Cross Country, Downhill,
  • Jumping
  • Acrobatics (Tumbling, Breakfall, Balance, Diving
  • Riding (Horse, Camel, Donkey
  • Running
  • Jumping

Body Control (Con/4

  • Meditation
  • Stasis

Manipulative Skills (Dex/4)

Micromachinery (Clockworking, Electromagnetic, Electroacoustic, Electroehemical)

Jewelry (Engraving, Casting)

Illegal Entering

This is the skill of breaking into places and things without getting caught or leaving evidence. It includes skills such as lockpicking, jimmying locks, bumping locks, bypassing locks, etc. This is a opposed success test with the user of the skill working against the skill of the security system. The GM determines the length of time required to bypass the security and successes can either be placed into speed or added to a “discoverability” number. This numberis the number of successes an investigator needs to identiofy the method of entry. A simple way of calculating this is have the person securing the facility use their Illegal Entering skill and use the following chart:

Successes Base Time Required (minutes) Successes Base Time Required (hours)
1 2 6 1.5
2 5 7 6
3 10 8 24
4 20 9 96
5 40 10 192

Sleight of Hand (Palming, Pickpocket

Stealth (Dex/4)

  • Urban Stealth (Shadowing, Sneaking, Tracking, Hiding)
  • Mountain Stealth (Shadowing, Sneaking, Tracking, Hiding)
  • Forest Stealth (Shadowing, Sneaking, Tracking, Hiding)
  • Field Stealth (Shadowing, Sneaking, Tracking, Hiding)
  • Desert Stealth (Shadowing, Sneaking, Tracking, Hiding)