In Harath, all characters have skills that determine what they can do. Unless otherwise stated, all skills have a target number of 4. Players “pay” points to raise skill levels; one point for every level that they are moving to. In other words, to move from level 7 to level 8, it takes 8 points of skill. Concentrations give you bonus dice. You have a number of concentrations equal to half you skill level (round up), i.e. at levels 1, 3, 5, and 7 you have 1, 2, 3, and 4 free concentrations respectively. You also have a penalized concentration on the even skill levels. The penalty for taking these concentrations is a -1 skill for every penalized concentration to each un-concentrated skill. Concentrations must be declared when moving to a level. Below is an example:

Base Skill Concentrations Concentrated Skills Other Skill
Skill Level Free Used Concentration Bonus Dice Penalty Dice
1H Sword 1 1 1 Katana 1 0
1H Sword 2 1 2 Katana 2 1
1H Sword 3 2 3 Katana 3 1
1H Sword 4 2 3 Katana 3 1
1H Sword 5 3  4 Katana 3 1
Short Sword 1
1H Sword 6 3  4  Katana 3 1
 Short Sword 1
1H Sword 7 4  4  Katana 3 0
 Short Sword 1

Skill Levels

Professional SkillLevelNotes
Apprentice0Doesn't indicate complete lack of knowledge, but can't discuss coherently; uninformed opinions
1Can do just enough to be dangerous to self and others
2Can do just enough to be dangerous to others, but occasionally satisfies the uninitiated
3Usually satisfies, and occasionally impresses, the uninitiated
Journeyman4Always satisfies, and usually impresseses, the uninitiated; occasionally satisfies fellow practitioners
5Always impresses the uninitiated; usually satisfies fellow practitioners
Craftsman6Always satisfies, and occasionally impresses, fellow practitioners
7Always satisfies, and usually impresses, fellow practitioners
Master8Always impresses fellow practioners, who view this person as an expert
9+9th and higher levels indicate more refined skill, a way to differentiate between experts


Certain skills have styles attached to them. Styles generally have required maneuvers that you need take for each level you have. For example, Jujutsu requires you to have concentrations in Grapple, Hip Toss, and Pivot Throw. You would be required by the style to learn the maneuvers for each of your first three levels. At level 4, you could concentrate in anything from the Preferred List of Maneuvers. When you are a master Level 7+ you can concentrate in any maneuver you wish. The chart to the right shows this progression. 1 PenaltyÈ

Level Concentration Bonus Other maneuvers
1 Grapple 1 0
2 Grapple 1 1 Penalty
Pivot Throw 1
3 Grapple 1 1 Penalty
Pivot Throw 1
Hip Toss 1
4 Grapple 1 1 Penalty (Assuming no Maneuvers were taken)
Pivot Throw 1
Hip Toss 1
5 Grapple 1 0 Penalty (Assuming no Maneuvers were taken)
Pivot Throw 1
Hip Toss 1

Skill lists are organized as follows:

Meta Category

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